Acuvet biotech is a Spanish biotechnological company focused on the development and commercialization of in vitro diagnostic kits for the veterinary field. We specialise in the analysis of biomarkers for animal health and welfare and particularly in assays for testing a range of blood proteins known as acute phase proteins, in both, livestock and pets. The circulating concentration of acute phase proteins raises rapidly after a challenge due to infections, injuries or stress, acting as and early alarm system of the presence of this conditions.

Vision and Mission

Diagnostic kits for the veterinary field

Our vision is to extend the benefits offered by the measurements of these biomarkers to all type of laboratories and professionals, from researchers at universities and pharmaceutical companies to veterinarians and specialists in animal production. To accomplish this Acuvet Biotech is committed to help laboratories to incorporate these tests into their analytical routines, by providing accurate, robust, easy to handle and cost effective assays. Our aim is to achieve high quality analytical standards similar to those encountered in human clinical analysis. Acuvet biotech works in the standardization of the analysis by developing reference material that can be used by laboratories to harmonize analytical measurements.

Acuvet Biotech commercialises worldwide unique test such as assays for the quantification of pig-MAP, a new acute phase protein discovered at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and nowadays recognised as an excellent biomarker of disease and stress in the pig. New products launched by Acuvet Biotech include turbidimetric assays to be used in automated analyzers which will allow scientist and veterinarians across the word to benefit from APP testing in an easy and rapid way.

Why to trust Acuvet Biotech

Our activity is based on three pillars: quality, service and innovation. The expertise, scientific knowledge, and many years of experience of the professionals that conforms Acuvet Biotech is our guarantee.


Our products are manufactured under strict quality controls, always maintaining production standards to ensure maximum accuracy and reproducibility. Acuvet biotech assays are standardised with reference material developed in collaboration with the academy community, and externally validated.


We offer a comprehensive consultancy service, including technical and scientific support regarding the use of our biomarkers in one particular application. We provide our customers with the necessary technical support for the implementation of the analytical techniques in their laboratories, including validation, and after-sale support.


Our I+D department is continuously working on the development of new assays meeting our customers demands. We offer unique products in different analytical formats, adequate for all type of laboratories.

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