Acuvet Biotech is happy to announce the launching of its new line of products, Turbovet: reagents for turbidimetry, to be used with automated analyzers.

Turbovet assays have numerous advantages:

  • Fast, results can be obtained in a few minutes.
  • Easy, no sample preparation is required.
  • Automated, are perfect for those laboratories having a clinical chemistry analyzer where they can easily set up the assay.
  • Precise, accurate, robust, turbovet kits have been externally validated, and are calibrated using reference material available at Acuvet Biotech, developed in collaboration with the academy.

Available kits: pig-MAP, porcine CRP, canine CRP.

Launching offer:

  • First kit for trials: 30% discount

  • 10% discount when buying two different kits.


Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information.

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