The 25th November 2016 took place in Madrid the “II Jornada sobre Gestión Animal en Centros de Protección y Residencias Animales” (II conference about health management and animal welfare at animal shelters) organized by AVEM (Spanish Association of Municipal Veterinarians).

The main focus of the event was to present the new quality standard UNE 313001 about animal shelters and residences for companion animals, developed by the committee for standardization 313 from AENOR, promoted by AVEM. The aim of the new UNE quality standard is to improve the health and animal welfare conditions at animal shelters, of both, public or private management. The quality standard is the result of the consensus of all the actors implied and will allow the harmonization and homologation of procedures in these animal shelters from an animal health and welfare management point of view.

More information about the new UNE 313001 can be found here:

Matilde Piñeiro, R&D manager at Acuvet Biotech was one of the speakers at the conference with the presentation: "Animal Welfare in dogs, evaluation by biochemical measurements. Results of the preliminary study".

We want to thank AVEM for the invitation to participate in this interesting conference and the excellent work that has been carrying out with the new UNE quality standard, searching for improvements on animal welfare at animal shelters.

Acuvet Biotech is working in collaboration with AVEM in a study aimed to develop procedures for the evaluation of animal welfare in dogs housed at animal shelters, based on biomarkers such as CRP or other acute phase proteins.

These biochemical parameters may provide an objective and easy to quantify measurement of the status of the animal, in terms of animal health and welfare.

More information about the conference:

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