Acuvet pig

Acuvet ELISA

Kit ELISA for the quantification of pig-MAP (Major Acute phase protein)/ITIH4 in pig serum or plasma samples.


AC/PME01 ELISA kit, 96 wells
AC/PME02 ELISA kit, 192 wells
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Main features:

  • Sandwich type ELISA
  • Two monoclonal antibodies
  • 8 wells separable strips
  • Reading: 450nm
Acuvet ELISA pigMAP

The concentration of Pig-MAP in serum of healthy pigs is lower than 1 mg/mL and increases up to 10-15 mg/mL during acute inflammation. Pig-MAP is one of the main acute phase proteins in swine and an excellent marker of inflammation and stress in this species.

High pig-MAP levels indicate that the animal is affected by infections, inflammatory lesions or stress due to no optimal management at the farm, which results in a poor animal welfare and reduced productive performance.

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Technical sheet
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